How to Set Up the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV App

If you picked up the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, you made a great choice! The Outlander PHEV is currently the world's best-selling plug-in hybrid SUV. 

Mitsubishi has designed an app to make ownership an even easier experience. The app allows you to:
  • Set a charging schedule. This allows you to charge the Outlander PHEV during non-peak hours (in some areas, there are certain times of day where electricity is slightly more expensive).
  • Set your climate control. If it's a cold morning, you can warm up the car for a few minutes before you get inside. Alternatively, if it's a hot day, you can turn on the air conditioning before you get into the car.
  • Check the vehicle status. This will tell you if the car is on or off, or if any doors are open.
  • Turn your headlights/parking lots on or off. If you are having trouble locating your car, turning on the bright headlights will allow you to find it that much easier. How convenient!
The app is incredibly easy to use but there are a few steps to set this up. You will need your SSID which comes with your keychain. The sales specialist at your Dilawri dealership will be able to assist if you are unable to locate this.

To set up the app:
  1. Install the Outlander PHEV app.
  2. Ensure the driver's door is closed and turn the vehicle on to Accessories mode (foot off the brake pedal, press power button once). Within 30 seconds of turning on Accessories mode, toggle between the lock and unlock button 10 times (5 times each button), beginning with the lock button. The system will beep when it's ready to be paired.
  3. Open up your phone's wi-fi and connect to the "REMOTExxxx" (REMOTE followed by a string of numbers and letters) network. The password is the SSID provided with your vehicle.
  4. Open the app and select "Register."     
Enjoy your brand new Outlander PHEV alongside the ease of ownership with the help of the app.


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