What Are Ceramic Brakes?

Ceramic brake pads have recently become a popular alternative to traditional metallic brake pads, especially for some types of high-performance vehicles. What’s the difference between the two?

Ceramic brake pads function differently than metallic brake pads. Ceramic pads use adherent friction which results in less brake dust versus metallic brake pads which function using abrasive friction, resulting in a larger amount of darker brake dust.

A common misconception is that ceramic brakes improve stopping distance, but that is not the case. Metallic brake pads are a popular option for heavier vehicles as they have better grip and they are more cost-effective than ceramic options. However, these tend to be heavier and louder than ceramic brake pads.

  Metallic Brake Pads Ceramic Brake Pads
Functions well at high temperatures
Less brake dust
Longer lasting
No corrosion
Reduced brake fade
More brake dust
Wears faster on other parts like brake rotors
 Higher price point
The ideal brake pad for your vehicle depends on a variety of factors such as driving style and application. Always refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer for their recommendation on the best brake pads for your car.
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